The Universe is Your Employer…Your Birthday is Your Promotion…

Think of the universe as your employer, life as your gift, living as your job, birthdays as your promotion and death as your termination. A birthday is the universe allowing you to continue living or essentially working. This post is not random. Today my father is 60. Some people get depressed as they age; however, he embraces his birthday with gratitude as he knows that life is simply a borrowed gift from the universe which can be taken back at any moment. How powerful and how valuable do our lives become when we begin to view it as borrowed? VERY.

4cd205f352f050a5dd948e0842366ac8When I think of how many people do not reach their 60th birthday, I think of how lucky I am that my father is 60 today. I think of how many people spent their lives planning and contemplating where they would be at 60, only never to reach that age due to early termination..This is why, yes planning for a future is important (especially financial planning) but how much time of the now do we give up when we sit and plan to do the things we want to do and not do them in that moment, but instead wait to do them….?

My boyfriend’s family was recently in town and while I had a lot of stressful things going on, I decided that for that weekend I would live in the moment and put that all aside, again this is very difficult for someone who suffers from mild anxiety, it was the best and most worthwhile decision I have made in a long while. I had the most wonderful weekend and felt I had made a conscious effort to be completely present in that moment and not in the future. That was precious time I knew I could not get back or redo.

One of the most helpful ways to balance your life is to live completely in the moment. This is something I am continuously working on because it is THAT important to me to be able to enjoy each moment as it passes instead of thinking of potential future moments.

Today, I am going to make an effort:

To focus on exactly what is in front of me, not what is behind or ahead of me. To focus on what the universe has given me during my 25 years of employment, not what it has taken from me. To focus on the real not the virtual. Today I am going to make an effort to realize that although the time on the clock may be numerical, the only time that exists is NOW.

I have such deep gratitude that after 25 years I am still gainfully employed by the universe.

Happy birthday to my wonderful dad and congratulations on your promotion… To many more years of employment!





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