The Power of Balance

Have you ever stood on one leg and managed to achieve perfect stillness- balance? If you have, I am willing to bet that the balance was not automatic. I am willing to bet that you may have hopped around or stumbled or possibly even fallen over… but you kept trying until … balance was achieved.

Sometimes life throws us into situations where we are unable to stand on two feet and we have to find our balance on shaky ground. I once took a yoga class where the instructor had us do all of our poses on a BOSU balance trainer.. this was HARD. About 20 minutes into class the instructor, referencing the Bhagavad Gita, explained to us the importance of being balanced and strong within, the importance of being able to handle any situation life throws at us that has the potential to throw us off balance.

In other words, we must be so centered and so peaceful and strong from within, that no outside forces should be able to throw us off balance. As someone who struggles with occasional anxiety from time to time, I find myself constantly chasing after the ability to achieve a strong, peaceful and balanced center. I find myself terrified of any situation which carries the potential to throw me off balance.


In the past 3 years I moved from Reno to Southern California, acquired a full time job, leased a gorgeous apartment, became a mom to a beautiful Pomeranian named Teddy, met my amazing group of California girlfriends, and met the love of my life on OkCupid. I have also taken on a workout schedule of 5 workouts/ week. It has been a whirlwind and I have certainly taken on a lot. Sometimes it’s hard to balance everything but I find myself getting better at it the more I remind myself of something a professor once told me, “you cannot be everything to everyone.”

In other words, I find it much more productive to give all of myself to someone or some task, than giving 30% of myself to different people or different tasks at once. The challenge with this is that I am having to learn that slow and steady wins the race whereas in my job and in my life, I tend to get things done with haste.

Today I managed to complete a project at work, create this blog, and host girls night at my place. As I look at tomorrows to do list, it looks daunting but I know that if I remember to breathe and take my time, and truly be in the moment, I will have another productive and balanced day.




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